Aluminum Foil Film Facing for Rockwool Insulation

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth refers to aluminum foil composite glass fiber cloth. It adopts unique advanced composite technology, and has the characteristics of smoothness and high light reflectivity of aluminum foil, airtight, watertight, and good sealing performance.

Fire rating: V-0 level – non-combustible, the implementation of the standard GB8624-2006, the German standard DIN4102 A1 level(Passed the inspection by the National Fire Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center)Executive standard: EN 1869:1997,Passed the European SGS safety fire inspection.

China Aluminum Foil Film Facing Heat Light Reflecting Insulation Roll

It is used for thermal insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool PEF products and rubber and plastic products. Can be used as a veneer and a moisture barrier

  1. The product is corrosion-resistant, and its surface is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating. At the same time, the polyethylene hot air bonding method is adopted, and there is no need to use composite adhesives, which eliminates the residual solvent dissolution during the composite process.
  2. Direct hot pressing compounding saves the cost of veneer compounding.
  3. The water vapor permeability is smaller, with better water vapor barrier effect and better protection for thermal insulation materials.
  4. Good hardness and smoother surface.


  • Weight/m2 140g、100g、200g
  • Width: 1000mm、200mm、500mm
  • Length/roll: 30m~1000m
  • Color: white color、black color 、any colours


  1. Each roll will be packed into one plastic bag. Some rolls will be packed into carton without pallet. At last load into the container.
  2. Packed according to customer request

Business information:

  • Loading port: Ningbo or Shanghai Port, China
  • Payment items: TT, DP, L/C, Paypal
  • H.S. Code: 7019909000
  • Leading time: 15 days/40ft container
  • MOQ: 10 roll
  • Samples: If A4 size piece sample, it is free; if big samples, it is not free
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