Glassfiber Fire Curtain Smoke Resistant Electric Welding Barrier

The thickness of the special curtain curtain for smoke is generally 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, and the common colors are gray, white, red, etc. Many of the smoke-blocking walls we see in shopping malls are gray, and the width is generally 1m- between 2m. With the performance of smoke prevention, fire prevention and heat insulation, the smoke curtain is an effective fire prevention or fire extinguishing equipment, which can control the spread of fire in an effective time to achieve the effect of fire extinguishing. It is a very important fire protection facility in buildings. Fast, efficient and easy to use. Using pu, pa, silica gel, ptfe and other solvents, coat one or more layers of coatings with special functions on the surface of chemical fiber fabrics, and form one or more layers of films on the surface of the fabric. Coating glue is a polymer compound with film-forming properties, and different types have different properties. The products are widely used in fire-resistant and flame-retardant fabrics, sportswear, down jackets, rain-proof parkas, coats, tents, shoes and socks, curtains, luggage, and ski shirts, mountaineering clothes, windbreakers, etc. with advanced waterproof and moisture-permeable functions. It can also be used in national defense, navigation, fishing, offshore oil wells, transportation and other fields. Waterproof coating series fabrics, with windproof waterproof, moisture permeability and other functions.

Fiberglass Curtain Fabrics Fire-resistant Curtains

Performance advantages:

  1. Make the fabric have excellent anti-pollution ability and keep it clean for a long time;
  2. Excellent weathering resistance and extended service life;
  3. Enhanced resistance to chemical corrosion;
  4. It has anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation properties;
  5. Let the fabric have the functions of flame retardancy and fire prevention;
  6. Enhance the waterproof and anti-aging properties of the fabric.规格参数:


  • Weight/m2 140g、100g、200g、 400g、800g.
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Length/roll: 30m~1000m
  • Color: white


  1. Each roll will be packed into one plastic bag. Some rolls will be packed into carton without pallet. At last load into the container.
  2. Packed according to customer request

Business information:

  • Loading port: Ningbo or Shanghai Port, China
  • Payment items: TT, DP, L/C, Paypal
  • H.S. Code: 7019909000
  • Leading time: 15 days/40ft container
  • MOQ: 2 rolls
  • Samples: If A4 size piece sample, it is free; if big samples, it is not free
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