China High Temperature Resistance High Silica Fiberglass Cloth

High-silica cloth is a cloth of various thicknesses and weaving styles woven by plain, twill, satin and other weaving methods with a certain warp and weft density using silica fibers. It is a high-purity silica inorganic fiber cloth with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and low dielectric and high wave transmission.

China High Temperature Resistance Silica Fibre Fabric Mesh

Performance advantages:

  1. It has excellent dielectric properties and wave-transmitting properties, with a dielectric constant of 3.74 and a dielectric loss of 0.0002.
  2. Good high temperature resistance, the continuous use temperature can reach 1050 ℃, and the short-term use temperature can reach 1200 ℃.
  3. Good insulation performance, high resistivity, the resistivity is 1X10^20Ω·m~1X10^10Ω·m in the middle of 20℃~1000℃, and the service life is long.
  4. Quartz fiber has high tensile strength and length stability.
  5. Lightweight, heat-resistant, small heat capacity and low thermal conductivity.

Scope of application

  1. It can be used as a wave-transmitting reinforcing material for rockets, aircraft hoods, etc.
  2. High-end fire-fighting clothing uses high-temperature fire-resistant fabrics
  3. Ultra-high temperature resistant equipment protective cover, thermal insulation quilt, thermal insulation cover fabric
  4. High temperature resistance, heat insulation, heat preservation and sealing materials
  5. High temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration
  6. Noise reduction, heat insulation and exhaust gas filter materials for automobiles and motorcycles
  7. Welding heat insulation protection material
  8. Electrical insulating materials
  9. It is a better upgrade substitute for high silica fiber cloth material


  • Weight/m2 140g、100g、200g、 400g、800g.
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Length/roll: 30m~1000m
  • Color: white


  1. Each roll will be packed into one plastic bag. Some rolls will be packed into carton without pallet. At last load into the container.
  2. Packed according to customer request

Business information:

  • Loading port: Ningbo or Shanghai Port, China
  • Payment items: TT, DP, L/C, Paypal
  • H.S. Code: 7019909000
  • Leading time: 15 days/40ft container
  • MOQ: 2 rolls
  • Samples: If A4 size piece sample, it is free; if big samples, it is not free
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